About Satta Matka

Satta Matka is a game played with numbers. There are multiple markets each owned by a person who would be responsible for releasing the results of the lottery satta matka market in the given time. Some of the main markets or bazars that are a part of the satta matka game are kalyan market, worli market, main mumbai market, rajdhani market and milan market. Out of these markets kalyan and main mumbai are the oldest and legitimate ones.

Each Satta Market has both open and close timings. The satta results for these markets get released on or after the open and close timings. During the open result two numbers are delcared one of them being a three digit number and the other one a single digit. Similary, a three digit number and a single digit number is declared during the close timing of the satta market. Usually the single digit that gets declared during the open and close results is the last digit after adding the three digits of the open or close result.

How Does Satta Matka Result Appear

Now let us take an example of a satta market and assume that it has delared its open result as 245 - 1, In this example as you can see adding 2,4, and 5 would give us 11 and 1 being the last digit of 11 is declared as the single digit in the result. Now, Let us assume that the same satta market has declared the close result to be 117 - 9. In the close result example as you can see adding 1,1 and 7 would result in 9 and 9 has been declared as single digit in the close result.

In the above example the combined result of both the open and close results would look like this 245 - 19 - 117. So, the digit 245 and 117 are called patti or panna and the digit 19 is called as jodi.

The users get to play on both open and close results seperately. The user can play on single during both open and close results of a specific market, In the above example for the user to win the single game he should be playing on 1 in the open market and and 9 in the close market.

What is Jodi ?

Jodi is a hindi term which means "two" in english. A Jodi in satta matka is a two digit number that gets released after the open and close results are delcared in the satta matka market. In the above mentioned example the satta market has declared both the open and close results which looks something like this "245 - 19 - 117", In this example 19 is the jodi that the satta market has delcared and all the people who have played on 19 is the winner. As mentioned before, A jodi is formed when we take the two digtis of the last number after adding the three digits released in the open and close results.

What is Panna or Patti ?

Panna or Patti is an hindi term which means "three digits" in english. A patti is a three digit number released by every satta market. Each satta market releases two patti's i.e two three digit numbers during the open and close results. The user can play on each patti for both open and close results before the time that these results get declared. In the above example 245 - 19 - 117 there are two pannas one being 245 which was declared during the open result and the other 117 which got declared during the close result.

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