Matka Guessing


Singles (Ank) in matka are single digit numbers from zero to nine

There are ten Singles 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9

Rate paid for Singles : 1:9


For flexibility and to create the game fascinating, singles are coupled to at least one another as interchangeable numbers or cut numbers. Cut numbers which means that they're same either means. Always, the distinction between the cut numbers is +5 or -5.

1 & 6
2 & 7
3 & 8
4 & 9
5 & 0

Cut numbers means that numbers that area unit +5 or -5 aloof from one another. every range has its interchangeable Cut range.

  • You don’t get cash for cut number pass.
  • Any Jodi within which has the two digits are of same cut set as given higher than, is to be noted as RED (Red Jodi’s are explained in Jodi’s section)
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