Tara Matka Chart

Tara Mumbai is an old satta matka market which is run by Pintu. He has started this market in the year 2011 when the satta industry was at its peak. Tara Mumbai brand has two markets tara mumbai day and tara mumbai night. As the name states tara mumbai day is the market which declares results in the day time and tara mumbai night declares its results during the night. Tara mumbai Day Open is declared at 1:30 PM and Tara Mumbai Day Close is declared at 3:00 PM similarly Tara mumbai Night Open is declared at 8:30 PM and Tara Mumbai Night Close is delcared at 10:30 PM.

We provide all the data required in our tara chart. Our Website provides four tara charts to the users which are tara mumbai day panel chart, tara mumbai day jodi chart, tara mumbai night panel chart and tara mumbai night jodi chart respectively. These four charts are all that is required for the satta matka guesser to crack down the next result in tara market.

Tara Result

Tara Matka

Tara Matka is said to be played amoung the new gamers joining the satta matka community. We are pleased to announce that we get the tara mumbai matka result directly from the owner pintu seth. We provide the fastest tara matka result as the result is directly updated through a trusted an verified source appointed directly from the owner of tara market. There are two markets tara mumbai day and tara mumbai night in the tara matka brand. We provide the fastest result for both tara mumbai day and tara mumbai night.



01:35 pm - 03:00 pm

Mon - Sat



08:30 pm - 10:30 pm

Mon - Fri

Tara Mumbai Day Panel Chart

We provide the most accurate tara mumbai day panel chart. This chart contains all the tara matka panel results including jodi, panna and patti that gets released everyday. Our Tara mumbai day panel chart is the most accurate because the chart has been verified by the owner himself. We would like to share our verified chart with the users to help them guess the next tara fix.

Tara Mumbai Night Jodi Chart

Tara mumbai night jodi chart has all the jodi's that get released by the tara market. We have more than 1000 jodi's listed in our tara jodi chart which will help the user identify the next tara jodi fix. We try our best to keep the data accurate and also get it verified multiple times. Tara fix is just a click away.

Tara Mumbai Day Jodi Chart

Our Tara Mumbai Day Jodi Chart is the jodi chart for the tara mumbai day market which declares its results during the day. We have the tara jodi chart verified for the tara mumbai day market. Many users rely on the tara mumbai day jodi chart to understand and guess the correct tara fix. Guessing the correct jodi for any market is important as if the user could guess the correct jodi he would end up with a handful of pattis or pannas to play. This will make it easier for the user to guess the correct jodi.

Tara Mumbai Night Panel Chart

The above link is our tara mumbai night panel chart which is the most accurate tara mumbai night panel chart. Tara mumbai night panel chart consists of the night tara result panel record data. The chart consists of all the tara matka night results till date.

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