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Main Mumbai Chart

Main Mumbai is one of the most played and popular satta markets. Main Mumbai market was previously known as main market. The main mumbai results get releast everyday. The Open result gets released at 09:35 PM and the close result gets released at 12:08 AM. This market is known for its volitality and also sometimes makes it very easy for the guesser to guess the right result. Main Mumbai result is released from monday to friday and is not released on satruday and sunday. Saturday and Sunday are holidays for the Main Mumbai Market.

We Provide both Panel and Jodi Chart Records of the Main Market right from the day it got started. This will help the players and the guessers to understand the next main mumbai result in this volatile main market.

Mumbai Matka

Bombay Matka

Main Mumbai has been one of the infamous satta markets of the industry. Main Mumbai Makta is also knows as Mumbai Matka or Bombay Matka. The government has changed the cities name from Bombay to Mumbai hence the difference. Every player who plays satta matka will know mumbai matka since this is a standard market in the satta game. Main Market releases its results in the night and is the last market to release the satta result.


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09:35 pm - 11:59 pm

Main Mumbai Panel Chart

Our Main Mumbai Panel Chart offers the most accurate mumbai panel chart when compared any satta matka website. The main mumbai panel chart has records of all the main mumbai open and main mumbai close results dating back to the origin of the market. This will help our users to guess the next main mumbai fix. The mumbai panel chart comprises of the whole main mumbai result include jodi, patti and panna.

Main Mumbai Jodi Chart

The Main Mumbai Jodi Chart listed in our website is accurate. We have all the jodi's released by the mumbai matka till date with accuracy confirmed by the bombay matka administration. The Main mumbai jodi chart will help users to identify the next jodi that is going to be released in the main matka market. The jodi chart also gives you patterns through with you can identify the next main mumbai fix.

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