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Rajdhani Chart

Rajdhani is one of the satta matka market which is popular in the indian states of gujarat, maharastra and madhya pradesh. The Rajdhani brand in the satta matka industry has two markets rajdhani day and rajdhani night. Rajdhani Day and rajdhani night results are declared during day and night times respectively. Rajdhani Day Open is declared on 3:00 PM and rajdhani day close is declared on 5:00 Pm. similarly, Rajdhani Night Open is declared on 9:15 PM and Rajdhani Night Close is declared on 11:52 PM. These markets are widely known for its punctuality while the results are being declared.

In Our Website you can find rajdhani chart records for both rajdhani day and rajdhani night. The rajdhani result records are flawless in our website and have been checked multiple times before declaring them. Rajdhani Day Panel Chart, Rajdhani Day Jodi Chart, Rajdhani Night Panel Chart and Rajdhani Night Jodi Chart records chart links can be found below.

Rajdhani Matka

Rajdhani Satta Bazar

Rajdhani market is one of the satta market that is mostly popular in northern india. We provide both jodi and panel charts of rajdhani matka and rajdhani satta bazar. The rajdhani matka and rajdhani satta bazar is one of the most major popular satta bazar. Rajdhani matka has two rajdhani satta bazars rajdhani day and rajdhani night. As the names states rajdhani day releases its rajdhani day satta bazar result during the day and the rajdhani night satta bazar result during the night. We provide Rajdhani night jodi chart, Rajdhani night panel chart, rajdhani day jodi chart and rajdhani day panel chart, The links to these charts are mentioned below.


660 - 20 - 334

03:25 pm - 05:25 pm


448 - 6* - ***

09:25 pm - 11:50 pm

Rajdhani Day Panel Chart

Our Website provides the most accurate rajdhani day panel chart. We have almost all the rajdhani day matka panel results right from the day rajdhani matka started. Our Rajdhani Day panel chart is the most accurate because the chart has been verified by the rajdhani satta bazar founder. We would like to share our verified chart with the users to help them guess the next rajdhani fix.

Rajdhani Night Jodi Chart

Rajdhani night jodi chart has all the jodi's that get released by the rajdhani matka. We have more than 1000 jodi's listed in our rajdhani satta bazar jodi chart which will help the user identify the next rajdhani jodi fix. We try our best to keep the data accurate and also get it verified multiple times. Rajdhani fix is just a click away.

Rajdhani Day Jodi Chart

Our Rajdhani Day Jodi Chart is the jodi chart for the Rajdhani day market which declares its results during the day. We have the Rajdhani jodi chart verified for the Rajdhani day market. Many users rely on the Rajdhani day jodi chart to understand and guess the correct Rajdhani fix.

Rajdhani Night Panel Chart

The above link is our Rajdhani night panel chart which is the most accurate Rajdhani night panel chart. Rajdhani night panel chart consists of the night Rajdhani result panel record data. The chart consists of all the Rajdhani matka night results till date.

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