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Time Bazar Chart

Time Bazar is one of the early hours satta market during the day. This is one of the early markets where the open time of time bazar is 1:08 PM and the close time is 2:08 PM respectively. Since this market opens very early there only a few people who play on this market when compared to kalyan and main mumbai. But, Time Bazar has a significant market share in the satta matka industry. Time Bazar is one of the satta markets that releases results daily, Users play on time bazar every day which makes it one of the popular satta markets that runs every day.

Our Website provides both time bazar jodi and panel charts starting from the day time bazar started. We provide accurate chart results so that guessers and players can foucs on getting the satta game right.

Time Matka

Time Bazar

Time Bazar is the one of the best satta markets. Time Matka is also know as Time Bazar. The Time brand has been running this market since the starting of the 21st century. Every player who plays satta matka will know Time matka since this is a standard market in the satta game. Time Bazar releases its results in the day time and is one of the first satta bazars to release the result.


578 - 08 - 567

01:00 pm - 02:00 pm

Time Bazar Panel Chart

Our Time Bazar Panel Chart offers the most accurate Time matka result. The time bazar panel chart has records of all the time open and time close results dating back to the origin of the market in the 2000's. This will help our users to guess the next time fix. The time bazar panel chart comprises of the whole time result include jodi, patti and panna.

Time Bazar Jodi Chart

The Time Jodi Chart listed in our website is accurate. We have all the jodi's released by the time matka till date with accuracy confirmed by the time matka administration. The time jodi chart will help users to identify the next jodi that is going to be released in the time matka market. The jodi chart also gives you patterns through with you can identify the next time fix.

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