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Kalyan Chart

Kalyan is one of the most played and most awaited satta matka market. Kalyan market has been in the bazar for more than 5 Decades and is being controled by kalyan bhagat family. Every day kalyan market announces both the open and close results. The Open Result is announced at 4:00 PM and the close result is annouced at 6:00 PM. Kalyan result is not announced on sunday as the market is closed. Kalyan Chart is one of the most visited charts in all of the satta matka marktes, Kalyan chart has all the records of the previously annouced results. We provide charts that date back to the year 1960 when kalyan market was started.

We provide both Kalyan panel chart and jodi chart records which dates back to the year 1960 when kalyan G Bhagat started the kalyan Market in the satta matka industry.

Kalyan Result

Kalyan Matka

We provide the fastest kalyan matka result, we get the fastest kalyan satta result directly from the kalyan market owners. Our Kalyan satta result is accurate and perfect since the source of the result is trustworthy and authenticated. The kalyan matka result, kalyan satta result and kalyan result is uploaded in our webiste through a trusted souce with industry standard security. Kalyan matka is an imprtant satta market and has a market share of above 40% in the satta matka industry.


780 - 54 - 130

03:45 pm - 05:45 pm

Kalyan Panel Chart

We provide kalyan matka panel chart records that date back to 1960, These kalyan panel chart records are the most accurate in the kalyan matka industry. We sincerly believe that these records would help matka guessers identify the next panel that would release. We believe that There is always a pattern in any numbers that we come across in our life and our kalyan matka panel chart records would help you identify that patter and fid the next panel chart.

Kalyan Jodi Chart

Our Website treasures kalyan markets jodi chart records which will be helpful for people trying to play in the kalyan matka market. We have kalyan jodi chart records which date back to the year kalyan market started. These kalyan jodi chart records will help every guesser identify the next jodi that is about to get declared in the satta market.

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