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GENERAL FACTS AND RUMOURS - This article covers the most important part of the matka game Reality in india.


The biggest and most active story and rumor is LEAK GAME. Even today, there ar those that believe leak game : result's leaked from highest organizing workplace and you grasp in exchange for your cash. 1st of all we would like to create this clear to you : LEAK GAME doesn't EXIST.

What does one assume ? The organizers are about to let away and leak data about a business that has many crores of rupees of turnover ? which it's obtainable for Rs.5000 each day ? Single choose ? WTF.

At simply Matka, even with best equipped computing resources and logical brains, we have a tendency to struggle to urge below the fifteen Jodi per day mark and a stupid mortal, WHO cannot even spell matka, demands you vast cash. Jaago Grahak Jaago.

Matka numbers don't seem to be leaked, by anyone at any given designation. everybody cares for thier business, and once it involves one thing that involves vast volume of money wagered, each single side matters. it's like giving freely key of your home to a notable stealer – Would you are doing That ? If not, why does one expect there ar such reasonably stupids ?

They take care of their business as you take care of yours. Would you watch Cricket if the result's notable ? No. Don’t be fools and stop running around something like LEAK GAMES. There ar real guessers WHO will provide you with a decent game.

If you're still into that Leak Game issue, you belong to D.P.R.K..


Types of Leaks:



Here and there we have a tendency to hear a story. A silly one : ” If there's a Load on a number , it'll be modified “

We have expertise in building giant knowledge sets in Real Time. If you dont perceive what we are language, we simply wish to mention this : there's no Real Time Technology the organizers will presumably have or perhaps use that may scan-read-analyse the slips contend by players. The players play totally on Slips and online. online knowledge may be analyzed , however in 1hr they need before the Open is proclaimed, lakhs of slips can't be scanned unless the slip is OMR. notwithstanding the slip is OMR SLIP, it takes days to scan and input one day’s knowledge. Then however may be the load in Real Time be analyzed ???? Thats Bolshevik, if you raise us.

But, it's going to happen within the behind that solely massive bets square measure according to the workplace asking to save lots of the native organizer. however it's but the office’s call whether or not to decision off any single number based on a single-request. One native organizer’s loss is also many’s profit. thus it happens rare and strictly supported percentage of decisions the workplace might recieve to call of any single range. Don’t blame the load for inconsistency in your strategy. however will forty be up to forty five much. Yes, there are interchangeable, cut numbers in Matka, however that doesnt mean, you bought something nearer by playing 40 rather than 45. within the evening, after 6PM, the sole factor matters is what quantity you have got earned . Thats it. Not what you have got played.

So i like to recommend you to not play terribly immense. Your terribly immense might flip the sport the other way up generally. however not all the days. Matka is sort of a Golden Duck. looking forward to the one golden egg per day is best than the foolish decide to kill the duck and rummage around for golden eggs in its abdomen solely to search out there's nothing within the abdomen.

Understand. do range Ka dhandha do range Ka kahi metallic element kahi hotha hai. you ought to bear in mind of that easy reality.

If you question me concerning load : i'll say this : IT can't be analyzed WITH gift TECHNOLOGIES, notwithstanding they'll, they have to HAVE A unreported SUPER pc AND LARGEST knowledge CENTER ON the world.

On however the bookmakes and organizers work , browse The Dealer aspect chapter.


Playing on-line not solely is versatile, it is safe. There are real on-line matka playing websites that pay in time and on time. however watch out with ones that don't pay in time. it's why we have a tendency to advocate excersing caution once it involves doing huge upfront deposits to play on-line. Deposit the amount that you're willing to play. It keeps you safe.

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