Matka Guessing


We have a very standered matka guessing format where we suggest the right jodi and panna for each matka market. We provide both fix jodi and fix panna or a fix patti for any of the satta bazars listed in our website. We get our matka guessing from the main matka office which is a 100% genuine and trust worthy source. Our top guessers have experience in many of the markets and provide the best matka guessing in the industry. To get the perfect matka guessing please call the below mentioned number.

Matka Guessing Result

Get the fastest matka guessing result in our satta website. The matka guessing result we update is timely and accurate, We get the matka guessing result from the satta market owners and they update the matka result on time to help our users get the fast and accurate results. The below is the matka guessing result for the listed satta bazars.

578  08   567


770  43   148


130  43   670


660  20   334


780  54   130


367  61   290


490  31   290


448  6*   ***


***  **   ***


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Satta Bazar

Bazar is a hindi word equivalent to the english term market or a store. Satta Bazar has various markets involved. An accumulation of all the markets in one place is known as satta bazar. Each satta bazar has an open and a close time during which the results get declared. Results declared during the open time for a satta bazar will contain a 3 digit and a single digit combination. Similarly, the results declared during the close time for a matka bazar will contain a 3 digit and a single digit combination. The single digits released during the close and open results of a perticular satta bazar combine to for a jodi and the two three digits seperatly are called as patti or panna. Below are the open and close timings for each matka bazar.

Satta Bazar Time Table

Market open close
TIME BAZAR 01:00 pm 02:00 pm
TARA MUMBAI DAY 01:30 pm 03:00 pm
MILAN DAY 03:00 pm 05:00 pm
RAJDHANI DAY 03:25 pm 05:25 pm
KALYAN 03:45 pm 05:45 pm
TARA MUMBAI NIGHT 08:30 pm 10:30 pm
MILAN NIGHT 09:05 pm 11:05 pm
RAJDHANI NIGHT 09:25 pm 11:50 pm
MAIN MUMBAI 09:35 pm 11:59 pm

Fix Matka Guessing

We provide both kalyan and main mumbai fix matka since these two markets are the most popular. The fix matka that we provide are mostly accurate and provided by the best fix matka team. Having said that, The matka fix provided can be wrong. We cannot gurantee the matka fix to work all the time as these are free matka tips. The below are the fix matka details for both kalyan fix and main mumbai fix.



16 - 89 - 125 - 44

16 - 89 - 125 - 44

16 - 89 - 125 - 44

16 - 89 - 125 - 44



16 - 89 - 125 - 44

16 - 89 - 125 - 44

16 - 89 - 125 - 44

16 - 89 - 125 - 44

Weekly Jodi & Panna

We provide weekly patti, jodi and line for three main markets kalyan, main mumbai and milan marktes. For kalyan matka we provide kalyan weekly patti, kalyan weekly jodi and kalyan weekly line which covers all the tips for the kalyan market. For Main Mumbai matka we provide mumbai weekly patti, mumbai weekly line and mumbai weekly jodi. Finally, For Milan Matka we provide milan weekly patti, milan weekly line and milan weekly jodi. These tips are enough for the player to understand the satta market trend and play accordingly.

Kalyan Weekly Patti | Mumbai Weekly Patti | Milan Weekly Patti

Astrology Weekly Patti Or Penal Chart From 24-09-2019 To 30-09-2019 For Kalyan Milan Main Rajdhani Time Matka Market

  • 1. 670-588-579-470

  • 2. 679-778-147-138

  • 3. 148-238-346-580

  • 4. 590-680-789-149

  • 5. 159-168-456-799

  • 6. 123-268-349-457

  • 7. 278-359-467-890

  • 8. 279-459-170-567

  • 9. 126-135-234-469

  • 0. 569-118-460-244

Kalyan Weekly Line | Mumbai Weekly Line | Milan Weekly Line

Astrology Weekly Line Open Or Close From 24-09-2019 To 30-09-2019 For Kalyan Milan Main Rajdhani Time Matka Market

  • Mon. 1 6 4 9

  • Tue. 2 7 5 0

  • Wed. 3 8 4 9

  • Thu. 1 6 4 9

  • Fri. 3 8 5 0

  • Sat. 2 7 4 9

  • Sun. 3 8 4 9

Kalyan Weekly Jodi | Mumbai Weekly Jodi | Milan Weekly Jodi

Astrology Weekly Jodi Chart From 24-09-2019 To 30-09-2019 For Kalyan Milan Main Rajdhani Time Matka Market

  • 05 08 06 04

  • 54 57 58 53

  • 39 35 38 37

  • 95 97 98 94

  • 25 27 28 29

  • 73 74 78 70


Explaining Matkai Guessing Game may be a straightforward sounding complicated factor to try to to. Matka / Satta is ton like lottery. Numbers are drawn and other people bet numbers and win if their bet matches with the draw. Matka are often understood as a separate, well thought variety of lottery.

There are few terms that you simply have to be compelled to get acquainted before we have a tendency to move forward. All terms are explained in detail we have a tendency as we move forward.

MarketA Market is that the organizing body that announces the matka guessing result.

Bookmaker : A Bookmaker, additionally referred to as a gambler, is that the one United Nations agency accepts the bets, pays the winnings.

Player : A Player (Gambler) is that the one who plays the game to earn cash.

Result : A result's the outcome of the draw. A Matka Guessing result's free in 2 components.

Open : the primary half the Matka Guessing result's referred to as “Open”

Close : The half of the Matka Guessing result's referred to as “Close”

Record Chart : A Record Chart is previous results of matka which will be used as a relation to guess subsequent result.

There are 5 forms of matka variations you'll be able to play. they're totally different components of constant result and have different rates.






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Playing Matka could be a fairly straight-forward method.

You decide that part to play.

You decide that Variation to play.

You Pick a number

You Play It with a Bookmaker (Bookie). The Market announces the Result

If the result matches with what you played, you’ll win. If not you lose.

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Satta is a hindi word quite similar to “gambling” or “betting”. Satta was originated in mumbai during the mid 90’s. Satta was initially practised after the independence where bets were placed on the New York Stock exchange opening and closing rates. Read More