Satta Matka Guessing

Win Money With Correct Satta Matka Guessing

You can now win money with correct satta matka guessing, To participate Register with us and post your guessing. The price money is as follows.

Single: Rs.5 { 3 Per Post }

Jodi: Rs.50 { 3 Per Post }

Patti: Rs.200 { 3 Per Post }

Half Sangam: Rs. 500 { One Per Post }

Sangam: Rs. 1000 { One Per Post}

Satta Matka Forum Rules

  • Only one post per username for a single market open or close session.
  • Mobile number must be valid while registration to claim prize money.
  • No Bad Language
  • No Phone Number Posting
  • No Spamming
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    Jan 23,2021 10:38PM SBSIR
    Jan 23,2021 08:25PM CG DON
    Jan 23,2021 08:24PM CG DON
    Jan 23,2021 08:15PM SBSIR
    Jan 23,2021 08:12PM KING KING
    Jan 23,2021 08:09PM X10
    Jan 23,2021 08:08PM X10
    Jan 23,2021 08:07PM SBSIR
    Jan 23,2021 08:05PM SURIM
    Jan 23,2021 08:04PM SURIM
    Jan 23,2021 07:56PM 143BHAI
    Jan 23,2021 05:20PM SK BOND
    Jan 23,2021 05:17PM SBSIR
    Jan 23,2021 05:13PM 143BHAI
    Jan 23,2021 05:12PM 143BHAI
    Jan 23,2021 05:10PM X10
    Jan 23,2021 05:01PM BimalRRRR
    Jan 23,2021 04:57PM BimalRRRR
    Jan 23,2021 03:08PM AZIZBAHI
    Jan 23,2021 03:07PM AZIZBAHI
    Jan 23,2021 03:04PM Ratankhatri
    Jan 23,2021 03:02PM Ratankhatri
    Jan 23,2021 02:14PM 143BHAI
    Jan 23,2021 02:14PM 143BHAI
    Jan 23,2021 02:14PM 143BHAI

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